Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Million Smiles Park

Today we found this great park in Lynden. It has different areas for different age groups for little kids. It was the coolest park we'd ever been too. Sometimes I forget that Roman won't always be a baby. He is on the verge of walking. While we were on vacation he started saying "Bye bye bye" and waving his hands. Tonight when we would say "Mama" he would say "Mamamama" and when we said "Dada", He would say 'Dadadada" He laughs non-stop and can sit and eat a WHOLE graham cracker! The first picture of him is how everyday when I am making him food he climbs up there and smiles at me. We try to discourage it but he loves to climb.

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The Weldons said...

Cute pictures. They sure do grow fast don't they? Oh, and graham crackers are amazing! They must be a treat for kids. We hope all is going well with you guys.