Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed In

Sam and I just made the decision to stay home this Christmas. Today we had to shovel to get out of our driveway and then a few minutes later blew out a studded tire we just had put on. We have about a foot of snow right now. We will miss our family so much this year but know we have to think about our little one and what is safe for him.

Other updates...Roman started walking! It was on his 14 month birthday almost to the minute when he was born! He is cruisin' around everywhere now! He has 11 teeth now. He is just a little bundle of energy. Our whole family has had a cold that we are just getting over. Our precious ferret Zoe passed away last week. Sam went out into the snow and buried her in our backyard. Other then that, we are just trying to keep warm and have a good holiday.

Have a wonderful Christmas and please please be safe!!!

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