Thursday, June 18, 2009

As you can see, I cut all of Romans hair off! He looks sooo cute and is much cooler in the heat. He is talking alot, he favorite word is 'baseball'. We are going to see the Mariners vs. Padres next Thursday. Sam is working ALOT. He is on a 9 day stretch right now of closing shifts, so he gets home around midnight. He really is liking his job and got a promotion to a full-time position with more responsibilities.

We find out on the 30th if we are having a little boy or girl. If it's a girl we are having a HUGE boy clothing garage sale in July. We kept everything from Roman so we are pretty set. We will be buying a bassinet, I don't think I can have 2 kids in the bed!

I've been feeling pretty good so far. I still have morning sickness but it's getting better. Chasing Roman around all day is keeping me feeling good. I lost 10 pounds in the 1st trimester and haven't gained any back. My doctor thinks it's ok though. I'm not giving in to all my cravings, like I did with my first pregnancy.

Other then that we are just enjoying the summer (even though we enjoy the rain more than the sun) We have a nice veggie garden going. Buckley is doing good, still kind of crazy but mellowing out a ton!

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