Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whats new?

It's almost October and we have a lot going on! Roman is almost done with swim lessons. He is doing great! In the springtime we will put him in the next level, until then we are just going to take him to open swim time, so he can stay comfortable in the water. Next week Sam and I are leaving Roman for an entire day to go to the Mariners play. I've never left Roman for more then a couple of hours. I'm sure he will be fine... On Sunday we are going pumpkin picking and to a fall fruit festival, a tradition in our family. We are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary on the 7th!!
A few weeks after that, Roman turns 2! He is talking a lot. He is learning Please and Thank You and can do his ABC's up until "J". I am over 31 weeks pregnant. It's going by really fast. We can't wait to see our new son. I love being pregnant but I'm getting ready to be done.
It's definitely feeling like Fall up here. It was 38 degrees when I took Buckley outside this morning! Hope everyone is happy and healthy!!!

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