Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Phineas Jack!

Phineas Jack was born on November 16Th @ 6:17pm. It was very unexpected! On Sunday night I started having contractions and right at midnight when Sam got home from work they got really intense. By around 1:30am I had to go to the hospital! We got there and they hooked me up to the machines. I was contracting every couple of minutes but not dilating. They sent me home and gave me a couple of Ambien. The nurse told me to relax and get some sleep. So we go home and I try to sleep and it works but every 5 minutes I wake up in pain! I took 3 baths that night to try and relax. By noon I had to go back in the hospital. The pain was too intense. I get there and still no dilating! The nurse tells me to walk around to try to get hings moving. I can hardly walk at this point. The pain is not stopping and spreading down into my legs. After about 30 minutes I go and they hook me back up. My doctor comes in and said they could not give me anything to jump start the dilating because I am not 39 weeks yet. He finally checks me and I am 6cm!!! Sam and I couldn't have been happier.

I finally got an epidural and relaxed. A couple of hours later the doctor comes in and keeps checking the monitors. Phineas' heartbeat keeps dropping. They give me some meds to speed up things up. Finally they come in the say I was going to start pushing. They gave me an oxygen mask because the more oxygen I am getting the better for the baby. After about 15 minutes of pushing, he was out! They had me grab him and pull him out and he layed on my chest for about 30 seconds until they took him away. His cord was around his neck and foot. I couldn't believe it. Sam and I were so happy he was here but were worried. The nurse gave him some oxygen and they had a Respiratory Therapist come in and check him out. He was so little and cold! The nurses took him to the nursery for awhile to warm him up.

I didn't get to see him again for about another hour. Once he was back I was able to start breastfeeding and bonding with him. We only had to spend 24 hours in the hospital. I couldn't wait to get home and see Roman!

Things are going good! Phineas is fitting in great! He is such an easy baby. He sleeps independently. He eats a lot and poops! Roman has his good and bad days. He wants to play with Phineas and doesn't quite understand why he can't carry him around. Tonight he kind of broke down and just cried when I was feeding Phineas. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

We found out we will need a new transmission on our car. So... we are buying a new car in a couple of months. Thank goodness for tax returns!!

I am having problems posting pictures so I will post some later

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