Monday, July 23, 2012

Funny Words

My kids have quite the vocabulary. They SOAK up everything we say. Lately I just can't get enough of there conversations. Here are a few things I've heard lately.

Phineas (Age 2)

-"Open the freakin'  door!"
-"I love my mom. I love you Missa."
-"Call me Phinny Jack Abraham."

Roman (Age 4)

-"Mommy, why do aliens live on Mars, and humans live on Earth?"
-"When I'm a man I'm gonna do dishes and mow the lawn."
-"What was I like as a baby?"

My boys talk ALL DAY. They have great conversations with each other and play so well together. They are usually playing Batman or Star Wars. Today they were cooking pasta for each other. They giggle and joke and are goofy little guys. So so lucky to be their mom :)

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Mom :) said...

we love your updates. You sound so official===You're getting quite an education.