Monday, May 21, 2012

Rome Dog Millionaire

My dear little sweet baby Stella has pretty much taken over this blog! I thought I would write about my first born, Roman, because he is getting so big and I want to remember this stuff!

Roman is..... Loving, Feisty, Imaginative, Hyper, Inquisitive, Fast, Helpful, Strong Willed, and Creative. I could name about a million more things but those are some of his greatest (and sometimes most challenging) qualities.

He is 4 1/2 going on 13 sometimes. He can put in a videogame and get playing, and download apps onto my Kindle with no problems. I swear he's gonna be teaching me about technology as he gets older. It's not a huge surprise since Sam is the same way. This kids knows A LOT about comic books and super heroes. You could quiz him on Star Wars and there is a good chance he knows the answer. He likes watching The Big Bang Theory, Ricky Gervais show, and Conan with us. Of course he loves cartoons like Batman, Adventure Time, and Star Wars Clone Wars. The other day he said something about Mitt Romney and brought up Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC. What a little smartie!

He loves jumping on our trampoline, playing soccer, and having NERF wars outside with his Daddy and brother.

In a lot of ways he's like Sam. He has lots of interests and hobbies and they are totally made for each other. They have an amazing connection. BUT lately I see a lot of myself in him. It's kinda funny but he is really gaggy and sensitive to things like I am. If he sees vomit or poop he is running in the other direction. He hates the sight of blood and if he saw moldy food he would be sick. He's always been like that. He is also like me where he just chit chats a lot. He will just talk and talk and sometimes it really doesn't go anywhere. He is much more outgoing then I was as a kid. Sam and I were both shy kids and Ro is just the star of the show! He is the party guy and loves to dance.

I love the age he is. It sometimes makes me sad to see him growing up and soon he will be 5 and I will probably cry a bit. He is in the "testing" phase where he likes to see what he can/cannot get away with. It's hard sometimes figuring out how to parent a little boy, not a toddler. We struggle a lot with hoping that we are making the right decisions. We are choosing to homeschool him next year for preschool. He is gonna be one of the older kids in his grade since his birthday is in October. I'd like to keep him home this upcoming year and then after that, start him in Kindergarten.

I'm just really proud of the boy he has become.  Even though he has times where I swear his ears have fallen off, he is really a great son and big brother. He is the leader of the little Abraham Army. Finn and Stella are in good hands!!

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