Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Do I Do All Day?

I never imagined myself being a stay at home mom. Especially after almost 2 years of beauty school and quite the chunk of student loan debt. Once Roman was born, I just couldn't leave him. With how much I made as a hair stylist, it would be paying for daycare. Plus, I love being at home and Sam likes it to so it works perfect.

I have 3 kids, ages 4 and under. All 3 require the same basic needs. Food, clothing, shelter, a clean butt. And LOTS AND LOTS of love. Yet each one has different needs for their age.

Roman is 4. We spent a lot of time teaching him how the world works. Why things happen, how to approach different situations, and what is going on in the world. We work on his letters, numbers, and drawing. He just started reading a few words. He can do basic math and likes to draw. He is at the age where he questions everything and a response of "Because it does" doesn't work anymore and we really have to give him honest thoughtful answers.

Finn is 2. With him it's all about colors, animals, shapes, and letters. He enjoys picture books, where as Roman enjoys listening to a story. He needs help reaching things and putting toys away. He is forming so many thoughts and ideas at this age. It's fun watching him learn.

Stella is 3 months old. She needs constant diapers changes, feedings, being held, hanging out in the baby swing, or doing tummy time. She needs stimulation and lots of smiles and kisses. 

My days start between 5-6 in the morning. Stella wakes up and I'm so tired I bring her into our bed and nurse her while I lay there half asleep. By 7:30, Finn is awake and yelling "Get me out of my crib, Mama!" Then it's a huge battle because Sam tries to get him out and he cries and sometimes stays there till I come to get him. His yelling has awoken Roman. Me getting up wakes Stella up. Now it's 7:45 and everyone is up. Then it's diaper changes, breakfast time, taking the dog out, getting a load of laundry started. Thankfully Sam works a lot of nights so he's home to help with everything in the morning.

There is always always something to do. Someone needs a snack, help with a project, a time out or talking to,  loads of laundry and dishes. There is always a mess to clean up and a meal to be made. We like to take our kids everywhere so lot of our days are filled with grocery shopping, going to the mall, bank, doctor and dentist appointments. There is always an errand to run. Our day has to be put on hold around 1 when Finn goes down for a nap, right after lunch. Sam is gone most nights. It's a crazy crazy time at nighttime. Dinner at 5, followed by cleanup time, bath, teeth brushed, prayers, a book, getting boys tucked in with hugs and kisses and Stella all snuggled in her crib.

After that is my time. Well I'm still busy but everyones in bed so I can move freely :)  I catch up on laundry, and picking up the house. I try to get the house looking good so when Sam gets home it is nice and relaxing for him. By 11pm, I'm usually folding laundry and catching up on an episode of "Real Housewives"

It's SO much work but every minute is worth it. I don't have much of a social life. We both had that time, before babies, to get our crazies out. Sam and I are home bodies and prefer being at home.. We have a date tomorrow night to see Hunger Games. We go out maybe every 6 months. I think we have to force ourselves to take the time to go out and take a breather. Let's see if we can talk about things other then the kids!

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Sarah said...

So nice to hear about how you are doing and what's going on with the kids and in your life! You are a great mom and wife - your guys and lil Stella are lucky to have you. :)

So glad to see new updates from you! I love the new page layout... there's a picture missing on the sidebar though... no pics of you and Sam! :)

Glad you guys are doing well (even if being a full time mom is busy and tiring!) and sounds like Stella is progressing well. Miss you all!